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Baby-led weaning is an essential developmental stage for a baby.

The TalkTools Itsy Spoon Set includes two spoons — textured and smooth — to accommodate where the baby is on their self-feeding journey.

Ergonomically designed, the Itsy Spoon set allows your child to practice their grasping and fine motor skills.

Fat curved handle on our spoons gives a perfect grip to little hands of your baby and promotes development progress of arm and wrist rotation and motion.

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Textured Spoon

  • the textured, grooved bowl provides additional sensory input and holds food in place
  • sloped bowl safely channels food into the mouth
  • symmetrical, bulb-shaped handle proportionally designed to encourage independent grasping and holding

Smooth Spoon

  • smooth, shallow bowl limits portions, encourages safe self-feeding
  • curved, bulb-shaped handle promotes grip control and arm-wrist rotation

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