Itsy Plate


The symmetrical, circular design resembles a regular plate, allows for appropriate food portions and can be rotated for sequential eating.

Itsy Plate is a mealtime tool designed to get your child feeding on their own.

Let your child practice motor planning with a variety of different food layout options.

A strong suctioned base keeps the plate in place.

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Self-feeding is an essential milestone in human development. Children learning to feed themselves are learning to master independence, fine motor skills, sensory regulation and food exploration skills. Having appropriate utensils and tools can help with the transition from caregiver-led feeding to self-feeding.

Itsy toddler plates stay put to avoid spills. Includes 1 suctions on the bottom to keep plates in place while your little one practices using utensils.

Benefits and Features:

  • 4 sections with open triangular design accommodate selective eaters (who need food separated), as well as those eaters who want to explore foods and like to “mix and match”
  • Volume lines assist with easy food measurements
  • Curved walls scooping
  • Sized to fit all standard high chairs

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