Ipsy Training Cup


Itsy toddler training cup is good for both drinking with straw or with plain cup surface.

Angled openings allows for easy drinking without excessive neck extension and our spill proof sippy cup won’t break when dropped, when your toddler tilts the cup, little liquid will come out through the lid.

Large diameter of the lid increase safety and hole is sized for a snug fit on the itsy toddler cup and ridges on the straw help secure the straw in place and its short length enables easy straw drinking.

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The Itsy Cup includes 4 separate components: cup, lid, straw and flange, which allows assembly to be customized to meet a child’s drinking skills and needs.


  • Design includes regulating the child’s first sips
  • Dual handles encourage bilateral coordination and stability
  • 5 oz. liquid capacity with 1-oz volume lines

Sloped Lid

  • Supports open-cup style drinking with minimal spills
  • The ergonomically designed angled opening allows for easy drinking without excessive neck extension.
  • Curves channel liquid into the mouth, limiting spills


  • Dual straw ends for straw drinking progression
  • Grooves on one end (“ruffles”) provide additional sensory input if needed
  • Shorter straw length facilitates self-drinking


  • Acts as lip block if needed
  • Reduces spills and enables liquid pumping

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