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These programs help comprise a more complete set of therapies for your clinical library.


  • SMILE Manual
  • Ice Sticks Manual
  • Sensory Stix Manual
  • Drooling Remedication Manual


Renee Roy Hill and Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson designed this program for clients with C.P., traumatic brain injury or Moebius Syndrome.

This multi-sensory approach will teach you activities to develop the skills necessary to implement an Oral Placement/feeding/speech therapy program.

Excellent for achieving lip rounding and lip closure. 


Drooling Remediation Manual:

For those who already have a variety of muscle-based therapy tools, but now find themselves addressing drooling for the first time, the Drooling Remediation Manual is available with out the kit. (48 Pages.)


SMILE Program Manual without Kit

104 page manual


Sensory Stix Program Manual

Sensory Stix Program Manual is designed to transition your client from non-speech exercise to speech sound production using a variety of flavours for teaching articulation placement. 

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