Height Adjustment Suspension Kit


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Safety Rotational Device:

  • An essential piece of equipment when any rotation is being performed. Rotational movement should only be undertaken under the supervision of a trained Sensory Integration therapist. The Safety Rotational Device prevents twist damage to ropes.
  • Should be fitted between your ceiling fixing bracket and harness.

Height Adjuster: 

  • It is essential to alter the height of the selected swing for each individual to make the action appropriate and specific to individual needs. This height adjuster is easily managed and comes complete with rope.
  • Attaches in between the ceiling fixing bracket or rotational device and attaches to your harness. This makes it easy to adjust the height of your client from the floor. Comes complete with rope.

Perfect for adjusting the height of products like swing bolster and swing platform.

Working load 450kg.

Remember to regularly inspect all equipment for wear.



  • 2 x Screw Gate Carabiners
  • 2 x Straight Screw Carabiner
  • 1 x 2m Sliced Rope
  • 1 x Height Adj.
  • 1 x Rotational Device

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Weight 0.3000 lbs