Hedgehog Stones


Tactile Hedgehog Stones are like no other walk-on domes.

Each is manufactured like half of a tactile ball with a convex undersurface that grabs onto a smooth surface like a suction cup.

Due to the small diameter of the stones, 9cm, they are best suited to young children 3-7 years.

A fun and creative way to improve dynamic balance, body awareness and coordination.

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Step on one without shoes and be greeted by the stimulation of cushioned, smooth bumps.

Hedgehog Stones are soft, yet return immediately to their inflated state, ready for the next user’s foot.

Combine with any of the related products to make a course with variable heights and challenges.

Use with footprints to give visual cues as to the direction you want the child to take.


Maximum user weight: 90 kg



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