Heart Pendant Chew


A firm favorite with a range of chewers and stimmers, it’s chunky, funky and gives smooth and soothing feedback thanks to its shiny glossy finish.

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Designed for the teething market as its open nature made it easy for little ones to grab and hold.

Chewers and stimmers became attracted to it too and the pendant went under a redesign and make over to make it more durable for the adult chewing market.

  • Soothing smooth finish
  • Adaptable for use on the cord or as a hand held
  • Varying thickness and shape adding interest when stroked
  • Robust

93% of users report it helps them feel calmer.

Whether you want to slip it off the cord and have it to hand in your pocket, use it on your desk as a stress ball alternative you can squeeze and fidget with or wear it as a pendant to create a funky look, this versatile Chew and fidget aid remains a top seller for all those reasons.

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