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Tibetan – Golden Bowls CD (Not Modified)

in 1995, Karma Moffett was one of the first artists to record the music of antique, hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowls.

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The 13-bowl set played on Golden Bowls represents an 18 year-long process of examining 3,000 bowls, and selecting only those which were of superior quality and harmonically attuned. Each bowl, hand-made from between five and nine metals, produces pure, sustained tones in both low and high frequencies.

As they are played randomly, complex harmonics build on top of the primary tones of the Bowls, creating an expansive, ethereal experience. Added into this field is the sound-wave pattern, which vibrates between the bowls, shifting and changing as each bowl is struck. The exceptional sound quality of these bowls is augmented by their wide range of tones, from deep, resonant bass notes through delicate, bell-like high notes.

This CD is also extensively used as background for massage, tai chi, and yoga.

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