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Cool Bananas

For Calming, Cool Downs and Bedtime Routines
Cool Bananas was created to provide children with a selection of strong, regulated rhythms to support a state of calm, relaxation and regulation in their nervous system. Enchanting favorite childrens’ songs sung at 50 to 70 beats per minute support the dysregulated child as background music during therapy, classroom and home activities (e.g.,table top time, play time, bath time, car rides). Don Campbell, in his book “Rhythms of Learning”, discusses the importance of using rhythms of 50 to 70 beats per minute: “The pulse in these slow movements is similar to the rhythm of the human heartbeat and has been found to slow body functions.” Soothing rhythms, songs and meditative sounds are also included on this album to support bedtime routines, cool downs and quieter therapies.

Jumpin’ Jelly Beans

Using the principles of sensory processing theory, Jumpin’ Jelly Beans provides parents, professionals and educators with fun, ready-to-use rhythmic songs and activities that support self-regulation. Engaging songs like Alligator Attack and Jello are sure to become household favorites.


Say G’Day
A creative collection of songs designed to provide teachers,therapists and parents with fun-filled rhythms that support and sustain focused attention, organized movement and effective interaction within the classroom, the home and the clinic. The songs and rhythms are designed to be playful and engaging, reaching for the “gleam” in the child’s eye. Australian sing-a-longs and story telling add a unique flair to the overall flavor of the music.The CD is completely interactive from beginning to end, using call and response sing-a-longs, “Kid Power” chants, full body movement and dancing. Songs to calm and organize are also provided to support regulation for the nervous system biased toward defensiveness.
“Kids will move and groove with these cheerful and charming songs,just right for strengthening sensory-motor skills,attention and stamina.” Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A.(Author of “The Out of Sync Child”)

No Worries – Songs for Sensory Integration
This CD and booklet provide teachers, therapists and parents with songs, rhythms, and activities to support attention, learning and self-regulation in the child. “This delightful and engaging CD is outstanding! We are thrilled to have such a superb resource to recommend to parents, teachers,and therapists.” Sherry Shellenberger and Mary Sue Williams (Authors of “The Alert Program” and of the books “How Does Your Engine Run” and “Take Five! Staying Alert at Home and School.”)

Save when you purchase all four of Genevieve Jereb’s musical therapy CDs (No Worries, Say G’Day, Cool Bananas and Jumpin’ Jelly Beans).


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