Gelli Play Sensory and Modelling Fun Kit


​Our certified biodegradable Gelli offers exciting, multi-sensory experiences for children. Our Gelli products aid creative, cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.

Due to their unique textures, colours & scents, they are perfect products for messy and multi-sensory play!


Turns your water into Eco-friendly Gelli!

Fully eco-friendly product – Box, leaflet & bags are fully recyclable in standard paper recycling & our powder is certified biodegradable!


3 x 50g Red Gelli Powder,

3 x 50g Orange Gelli Powder,

3 x 50g Aqua Gelli Powder,

3 x 50g Yellow Gelli Powder &

12 x 50g Dissolver Powder


  • 1 x 50g bag makes up to 12 litres of Gelli/Goo
  • Alternatively 1 x 50g bag with 4 litres of water, mix and stand for 30 mins to create Modelling Gelli!


Creative Development
Provide open-ended opportunities where the process is more important than the product – how children use the materials in our products is more important than what is made from them. Using creative thinking skills and expressing creativity are important self-esteem builders.

Social & Emotional Development
Children will learn to co-operate and have the opportunity to work as a team together around a sensory table, giving them the opportunity to express themselves and to feel good about their decision-making skills.

Cognitive Development
Changing the colour of water, making water turn into goo and slime, and moulding your own shapes will help children see and understand that if you add ‘this’ to ‘that’, it will make something new and unique.

​Physical Development
Children reinforce and practice their small motor skills while pouring, measuring, stirring and manipulating the materials. They learn to control and give their bodies directions to  accomplish tasks as they explore.