Fidget Toy Advent Calendar


For a fantastically fidgety festive season, order this Fidget Toy Advent Calendar now!

Fidget Toy Advent Calendar has 24 fidget toys The Fidget Toy Advent Calendar is filled with push poppers, spinners, and more Get a new toy each day for 24 days.

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Our awesome Fidget Toy Advent Calendars with a new selection of toys for 2022 is the perfect sensory product for the countdown to the big day.
Every morning children will love their latest fidget toy addition as they open up the door on the Fidget Toy Advent Calendar.

This advent calendar is filled with 24 toys that need twiddling, twisting, pushing, and spinning.
We’re talking push poppers, fidget spinners, tubes, and more.
Get a new toy each for 24 days during the countdown to Christmas.



  • Perfect for ages 3+
  • Toy Safety tested to meet all required EU and UK safety standards.

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