Enabling Occupation in Children : The Co Op Approaach

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This book will expose the practitioner to cognitive and motor learning theories that provide the underpinnings of the CO-OP approach.

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Enabling Occupation in Children:The COOP Approach

Description Enabling Occupation in Children:

The Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) Approach is intended for practi­tioners, as well as for parents in consultation with a practitioner, who are looking for a new way to understand children’s performance problems.

It is designed to provide the reader with a thorough understanding of CO-OP.

Readers will learn about the theoretical foundations for CO-OP, how and why it was developed and the evidence to support its use. Since CO-OP is an applied approach, reading alone won’t be enough – practitioners and parents will also need to see it done and practice doing it!

Case descriptions are used to help therapists learn how to conduct dynamic performance analysis of children experiencing difficulty with task per­formance. Experiential activities are suggested to familiarize therapists with specific cognitive strategies.

Therapists will learn the framework necessary for the development, application, and generalization of cognitive strategies.

This book is practice oriented so that therapists will acquire the skills necessary to become more ‘top-down’ in their clinical reasoning as well as develop many of the techniques that guide strategy acquisition in children.

The accompanying CD makes using the CO-OP tools easy!

For ages 4 and up.



Helene Polatajko, Angela Mandich




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