Early Language Concepts


Now that your child is using sentences he/she can begin to use more descriptive words as well.


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You can use these cards to teach your child new words which help them describe things, for example:

  • ‘the box is full’
  • ‘the cup is dirty’
  • ‘the car is fast’.


Works on:

  • Early concepts
  • verbal comprehension
  • creating longer sentences
  • vocabulary
  • word associations
  • object location
  • picture description
  • sentence expansion
  • conversational skills
  • auditory memory
  • sharing
  • social skills
  • listening
  •  turn-taking skills.


  • Suitable for:
  • Early years
  • ( 2-5yrs) teaching English as a second language
  • special needs ( 2-8yrs)
  • montessori
  • preschool
  • language class.

These cards help to show opposites and how they can be used to give more information about the object.


Set contains an instruction booklet with 32 photo cards, in a handy A6 size with metal case.


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