Design and Drill Robot


Let’s get building!

Children power up their imaginations while building STEM and fine motor skills as they snap, drill, and decorate their own design and drill robot.

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This colourful robot with swivelling head, arms and upper body, is ideal for little ones to learn the basics of simple construction and engineering while building with tools designed for little hands.

Little ones learn the basic of simple construction and engineering while building fine motor skills using tools specially designed for little hands.

Use the included toy screwdriver to screw in the 15 colourful bolts to assemble the robot. Then decorate the robot using the stickers on the included sticker sheet.



  • robot toy with swivelling head, arms, and upper body
  • 15 multi-coloured bolts
  • kid-friendly screwdriver
  • decorative stickers


Extend the learning by encouraging imaginative play activities.

Plastic robot measures 20cm


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