Dark Den Accessories Kit


FREE EAR DEFENDERS when you order Dark Den Accessory KIT

An exciting collection of light-up resources for use inside the Dark Den, the Triangular Dark Den, or any darkened environment.



Explore or just relax.

The idea is not to stimulate too much with amazing lights- but to enhance the calming feeling that the Dark Den can help bring to this group of children.

Contents – may vary

    • 1 x Ice Starlight
    • 1 x Neck Vibrating Pillow
    • 1 x Colour Changing Egg
    • 1 x Sand Timer 1 minute
    • 1 x MoonBeam Light
    • 1 x Colour Night Projector
    • 1 x Infinity Mirror
    • 1 x String Light
    • 1 x Kaleidoscope Lamp
    • 1 x Lava tile Circle
    • Ear Defenders FREE OF CHARGE

products subject to availability

Product Substitutions may occasionally be necessary.

Additional information

Weight 0.3000 kg
Dimensions 0.0000 cm

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