Cutting Fruit


With so many pieces, it’s also a great way to introduce counting and the concepts of part, whole, and fractions!


Ideally suited for stocking a play kitchen or shopping cart, this cutting fruit set combines hands-on fun and unique learning with creative play.

The seven included fruits (pear, orange, melon, kiwi, strawberry, banana, and lemon) can be cut up into 17 hand-painted wooden pieces using the included wooden knife, and then neatly tucked away in the sturdy storage crate.

Kids can’t resist the realistic ‘crunch’ sound when the fruit is sliced.


Held together with self-stick tabs, the food makes a fun and satisfying “CRUNCH” sound when sliced.

In addition to teaching fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, this set encourages imaginative and independent play — and even introduces the concept of fractions.