Crystal Carnival

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Play construction, sequence, pattern and colour creation games with these appealing animals.

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Translucent and primary colour plastic elephant, owl and fish blocks each feature a different geometric shape cut out, to fit on 3 rods, 2 smooth and 1 threaded.

Stack pieces on stems or 2D piecing, 3D stacking and balancing games.

Using the 12 animal blocks, further explore construction, patterns, silhouettes and sequences on 6 double sided activity and game cards.

Mesmerizing on a light table.

Each set contains 6 playing cards.


  • 4 x transparent elephant (red, yellow, blue, clear),
  • 4 x transparent fish (red, yellow, blue, clear),
  • 4 x transparent owl (red, yellow, blue, clear),
  • 1 x base,

Great to improve their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. At the same time they get to know the basic colors red, yellow and blue.

Children can also learn color mixing with the transparent blocks in 3 primary colors.

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