Chewlery Necklace


Chewlery is a great way to keep kids from chewing on their clothes, while letting them work through their chewing tendencies.


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Chewing is a well known method of calming used by many children. Unfortunately this means that many sweatshirts and collars have been ruined.

Use it to redirect kids or teens from chewing on their clothes, pencils, or non-food objects.

This line is a teacher favourite and continues to work well in classrooms, homes, and clinics.

It has been thoroughly tested and is made of FDA approved materials. It does not contain phthalates, lead, or BPA.

 Use with adult supervision, replace if damaged and removed before going on playground equipment or engaging in activities where it can get caught. 

It’s also great for oral motor stimulating activities. This collection of non-toxic, colorful, plastic jewelry includes necklaces (16cm) and bracelets (6cm) that “streeeetch”.

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Assorted colours

It is hard to accurately rate how durable they will be due to the huge variance across the spectrum. No two ‘chewers’ are the same. There is a chance our products will not be suitable. Nothing is indestructible and they will damage in time, how quickly is difficult to say, but it will be faster for more aggressive chewers.

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