Chew Heart


A contemporary style heart with a gloss finish.

Glossy feel, ideal for the sensory seeker.

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Good as a fidget, can be squeezed and has good bounce back for hand strength. Suitable for mild to moderate chewers.

It’s quite chunky!

On a super soft silk cord too.

This looks amazing, the pictures don’t do it justice. Suitable for Mild – Moderate Chewers, and a great fidget with our lovely squeezable silicone.

Height approx. 6 cm Width 5.8cm (at widest point) Thickness 2 cm (at thickest point) Long cord 94cm (easily cut to a desired length).


It is hard to accurately rate how durable they will be due to the huge variance across the spectrum. No two ‘chewers’ are the same. There is a chance our products will not be suitable. Nothing is indestructible and they will damage in time, how quickly is difficult to say, but it will be faster for more aggressive chewers.