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The Frame eliminates the need for permanent structural fixings, is easy to transport and assemble and is of modular construction.

Made from tubular steel, the C Frame can be free standing, but for adult use it is likely to require floor fixing.

The frame comes with a single point head with the option of purchasing a triple point headThe triple fixing point allows both a single point use with rotational device, but also a two point fixing for linear work.

The C Frame is strong and robust and can be ideal in a situation where ceiling fixing is not possible or you require greater flexibility around where you would like to work within a room.

The minimal flexion in the movement of swings on the C Frame provides gentle bouncing action as well as swing movement.

This can be minimised by the therapist or used as an option for the individual. 


  • Easy to construct
  • With cushioned mats
  • single point hanging fixing



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