Book on ‘Feelings’ for the older children


Are you concerned about an older child’s poor understanding of their own feelings and those of others?

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Use the short exercises in this handy book to target everyday feelings in everyday situations. Help the older child recognise the feelings they know more about and those that are more difficult. Chart their responses and use the visuals to help them remember the things they need to change and recognise on a daily basis.

Use the exercises repeatedly if necessary if the older child needs it or is simply enjoying it!

There are lots of useful and practical drawings of different feelings to add visuals to help the older child process the information.  Visual learning is taken into consideration and the pictures can be used as a trigger for the child’s memory.

There are lots of useful charts to help the child visualise the small changes they wish to make to help them get through their day. Navigating the older child through a tough situation can be discussed and charted to help them cope and recognise their feelings in various situations.

The ‘Positive Language’ covers things they might say to make someone to help them feel, happy, confident, proud etc… Questions cover such everyday situations such as ‘how would you feel if you lost your school bag’?, ‘how would you feel if your lunch fell on the dirty floor’?, ‘how would you feel if you couldn’t watch your favourite T.V. programme’?. Chat about the responses and help structure their understanding of them. Tips on troubleshooting when they misunderstand someone and when someone misunderstands them is also included in this book.

The older child can discretely carry this handy sized (A5) book to school and back home again. So short exercises are a pleasant addition to the week at school!

This A5 sized book contains 92 pages.

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