Baff Bombz Star


Turn your bath water into a colourful scented fizzing bath adventure with the Star Scented Baff Bombz.

Simply fill your bath with water drop in your bath bomb and watch as the water fizzes and magically changes colour.

This product provides a fantastic olfactory and visual experience.

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Bath time gets colourful with these star-shaped bath bombs! Place in warm water and they will gradually fizz and dissolve to change the colour of the water.

Each star-shaped bomb has a fruity scent too – strawberry, apple, tutti-frutti and grape.

This pack of 4 35g bombs contains one of each flavour.

When bath time is over simply drain the bath as normal and the colour will wash away, and do no harm to your bath, the plumbing or the environment.

This product will not clog drains and is non-toxic.

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