Baff Bombz – 12 Bath Pack


Simply drop Baff Bombz into a bath full of warm water and watch it fizz!

As the Baff Bombz dissolve, they leave a trail of fizzy bubbles and release a gentle fruity fragrance.

Once bath time and play are done, simply pull the plug and drain your bath as normal.

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Baff Bombz offer a fun, sensory experience. They will be loved by children of all abilities, but especially those with additional needs such as Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ASD and other Special Needs.

Baff Bombz contains no harmful chemicals and are kind to the skin. The non-toxic, easy clean formula is kind to the environment as the Baff Bombz are biodegradable. Even the packaging is 95% recyclable too! Made in the UK.

The Baff Bombz 12 Use Value Pack contains –

  • 3 x Green Apple Baff Bombz (35g each)
  • 3 x Red Strawberry Baff Bombz (35g each)
  • 3 x Blue Tutti Frutti Baff Bombz (35g each)
  • 3 x Purple Grape Baff Bombz (35g each)

This Baff Bombz Value Pack contains enough items for 12 bath times so is great value for money

Baff Bombz are recommended for children ages 3+ years. Do not drink or eat the product. For sensitive skin, please patch test first.

Full instructions are written on the packaging. Please read all the safety notes on the packaging before use. Always use Baff Bombz under ADULT supervision.

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