Ark Z Vibe Preefer tips Mini (Set of 3)

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When installed in the hand piece the Z-Vibe assembly is water resistant and can be safely sanitized.

Speech therapists have found it helpful to use all three surfaces for different sensory input to the musculature.
Remember to use the option of using no vibration by turning the Z-Vibe handle off.




The tips are constructed of medical grade materials that are FDA approved and contain no latex or phthalates.

  • Techniques that incorporate the Mini Tip with the Z-Vibe handle include:
  • Jaw stability and/or jaw grading
  • Tongue tip elevation
  • Tongue liberalisation, range of motion (ROM) and food retrieval
  • Tongue blade elevation
  • Retraction or protrusion
  • Tongue strength and awareness
  • Cheek strength and awareness
  • Tongue tip strength and range of motion (ROM)
  • Tongue liberalisation
  • Back of tongue elevation
  • Lip strength and seal
  • Lip awareness
  • Lip extension, strength and closureCAUTION:
    Individual use is recommended, check periodically for replacement of the tip.
    Sanitise by scrubbing with soap and water..

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