All About Attention Deficit Disorder Book


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There are 20 million children in the United States who have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD).

This book provides a thorough description of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ADD. It also includes an updated (2003) chapter on medications.

In straightforward language, Dr. Phelan addresses:

  • Basic symptoms of ADD
  • Effects on school, work, home and social life
  • Causes and typical developmental course
  • Seven indicators to predict the future
  • How to diagnose ADD
  • How to avoid the critical error in ADD diagnosis
  • How to treat ADD through counseling, school interventions, behavior management and medication

Written in easy-to-understand language and with a positive, treatment-focused approach, All About Attention Deficit Disorder is a must-have resource for parents, teachers, physicians, and mental health professionals.



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