Air Stacker


Ever seen a ball float in the air?

Simply place the ball in the base, stack the tubes, turn on the fan, and watch the ball soar up the tubes to the top.

Kids will have a cheerful blast playing with this air-powered ball launcher.

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Take stacking to a whole new level with this fantastic air stacker!

Place the ball in the base, insert a clear tube and turn on the fan, then stack other tubes and see the ball flying to the top!

Perfect for different ages and heights, this fun and engaging playset for kids can be stacked up to over 35’’.

Toddlers can play sitting down or standing up which promotes physical development, balance, and coordination.

This brilliant twist on a classic toy will cultivate and satisfy a kid’s curiosity for aerodynamics, physics, and adventure!

It also features fun animals, shapes, and numbers, which boosts their early counting and fine motor skills.

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