Lucky Lucy Logan


Lucy Logan has a hearing loss. Miss Nolan struggles with new things. So when Lucy gets some new technology to help her hear better in class, all sorts of things go wrong!


Lucky Lucy Logan has a hearing loss which affects her ability to hear her favourite teacher, Miss Nolan.

Lucy gets help with some assistive technology – an FM system.

Initially Miss Nolan struggles to manage the new system.

This affectionate and funny story shows Miss Nolan learning (through a series of slips, trips and other indignities!) how to use the FM system for Lucy’s benefit.

Delightful illustrations spare none of Miss Nolan’s blushes, and lead to a happy ending … for everybody!

This is a book which aims to raise awareness around the use of assistive technology in the classroom in order to help children and teachers get the best out of such systems.

Included is an appendix with additional guidelines for teachers/schools with deaf/hard of hearing pupils.

The story will appeal to children, families and teachers alike.


Written By: Beng Ling Neoh & Colin Johnson

Illustrated by: Callum Knight