Squeak! Grab the cheese but don’t get caught in the trap!

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Youngsters will love this fast moving interactive mousetrap game.

The fun-packed game, which is quick and easy to set up, will have little ones in fits of laughter but it’s a trap so watch out for the snap!

First set the mousetrap and watch all the numbered pieces of cheese pop up.

Then with cute coloured finger mice firmly in place on fingers the first player then takes a card.

The cards are either numbered 1 – 12 or they make a player skip a turn or reverse play.

Using the nose of the coloured finger mouse the player presses down the piece of cheese matching the number on their card…but they need to watch out for the piece of cheese that springs the trap with a squeak!

If your mouse gets caught snatching the cheese you are out of the game!

This quick-playing game with easy to follow rules provides hours of entertainment for the whole family and is perfect for teaching little ones turn taking, number recognition and general games play.


Squeak is ideal for 2 – 4 players aged 4 years and upwards.