123 Magic Effective Discipline by Dr Thomas Phelan


123 magic by Dr Thomas Phelan

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Also included are new chapters, such as Kids, Tweens & Tech, new illustrations, 1-2-3 Magic stories, resources for further reading, research on 1-2-3 Magic and an expanded Index. 

With humor, keen insight and proven experience, Dr. Phelan breaks down the task of parenting into three straightforward jobs:

Job 1: Controlling Obnoxious Behavior: Learn an amazingly simple technique to get the kids to STOP doing what you don’t want them to do (whining, arguing, tantrums, sibling rivalry, etc.).

Job 2: Encouraging Good Behavior: Learn several effective methods to get your kids to START doing what you do want them to do (picking up, eating, going to bed—and staying there!, chores, etc.).

Job 3: Strengthening Your Relationships. Learn powerful techniques that reinforce the bond between you and your children.

The 1-2-3 book has sold over 1,250,000 copies, been translated into 20 languages, and is consistently ranked #1 in the category of child discipline by the major booksellers.

Learn it today, start tomorrow—and enjoy your children again!


The brand-new 4th Edition of this evidence-based program has been expanded to allow for over three dozen reader-suggested improvements.

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